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Keeping your customers' environment safe is more important than ever!

How many customers have contacted you this year with a problem related to IT security? How many stories of malicious attacks or ransomwares have you seen in the news in the last few weeks alone? Keeping your customers' environment safe is more important than ever. The Microsoft Secure Score tool can help you not only demonstrate the real security flaws in your clients' Microsoft environment, but also get you out of break/fix model by generating new revenue. Available for tenant's administrators, the tool is included in all Microsoft 365 plans and easily accessible via the Microsoft Security and Compliance Center. By performing a Secure Score analysis, you'll be able to show your clients their unique security score. The powerful analytics tool will review the entire Microsoft environment and assign the score based on the sum of the security controls that you have assigned, or not.

The tool will then make a list of prioritized suggestions, based on the effectiveness of the action itself and the impact it will have on users. Thus, the procedures that have the greatest impact on improving security but the least impact on users will on top of the list and those that are less effective and more disruptive to the customer will be at the end. Recommendations will be organized in groups and easy to implement to facilitate the user’s security efforts :

  1. Identity
  2. Data
  3. Device
  4. Apps
  5. Infrastructure

Just select a suggested action to quickly find the items to configure and the best practices to proceed. The simple Secure Score tool will allow you to find the right balance between functionality and security. Not only will you upgrade the organization's Secure Score in comparison to similar tenants, but you will also be able to analyze your score over time and utilize this analysis of each of your customers business lines as a recurring income. Quickly and each month, you'll be able to recommend a series of actions to take to improve your customers security, so essential in today's IT environments.

You understand now that Microsoft's Secure Score is one of the most obvious first steps toward a solid security practice. Combined with the most renown solutions on the market and your distributor's expertise, it is the key to safe and productive IT environments.

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2020-03-17 - Cloud Move Assessment

Nowadays, more and more Canadian companies are ready, if not almost obliged, to begin their migration to a cloud infrastructure; the end of support of popular platforms such as Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010, local equipment operating costs or ever-growing needs for operational security and continuity are just a few arguments that confirm the necessity for IT professionals to focus on their customers outdated local infrastructure to the cloud.

Indeed, the constraints of local environments are an opportunity! As a trusted advisor, there is only benefits in offering your customers the latest & most secure technologies and direct access to the most sought-after new features within their favorite applications. With a cloud environment, you'll open the door to a world of increased productivity and collaboration for your customers, while minimizing operational costs, making them more competitive than ever.

Where to start? This is a heavy impact question that can only be answered by a professional cloud move assessment. What is it?

The cloud move assessment involves several steps that allow you to clearly define the technological implications of each IT workload, each user and all the company's policies in order to define a new cloud architecture. Subsequently, a priority scale will be established to create a specific project timeline and a clear migration strategy that will avoid unnecessary downtimes and expenses.

In any analysis, we find the choice vendor to be one of the most important decisions of any technology project. The same goes for your cloud service provider. By offering you a solid cloud move assessment service, your distributor will help you develop a concrete and personalized plan for a pain-free transition.

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2020-03-16 -’s Business Continuity for Partners and Customers with regards to COVID-19

With the current and potential business and personal interruptions tied into COVID-19 we want to ensure you that at, we are always here to support you and your customers.

We wanted to make sure that you and your customers are prepared for the impacts and let you know that we are ready to support you. Below is a checklist that you can follow :
1. Ensure that all your employees have a laptop or a desktop that they can use for work at home
2. Ensure that all remote access apps have been tested
3. Ensure all remote access (VPN, Citrix, Windows Virtual Desktop) licenses are current and that you have enough of them
4. Test telephony adjustments to allow call forwarding to cell phones, deploy and test soft phones if they are compatible with your current phone system
5. Use Microsoft Teams to support remote workers.

How to support remote workers using Microsoft Teams :
We offer a complimentary webinar for our partners and their customers to familiarize them with the possibilities of Microsoft Teams for remote workers. Book your time slot in your personalized webinar here :


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We are here to support you, and our shared customers, and thus if you have specific questions, or require specific support, please do reach out :